Saturday, December 09, 2006


Why did the new Knitty have to come out now?
I have three exams and a paper due this week.
I have a half-finished simple knitted bodice staring at me, along with a just-begun butterfly frill and a long list of Christmas presents that need to get made.
And I have to learn half the body's systems (and how they can go wrong), be able to comprehend ANOVA charts, memorize the history of breastfeeding/nutritional interventions AND describe why a peer-reviewed journal can still publish crap.
Meanwhile I still don't have a tree or lights, and haven't even begun to think about Christmas cards.
It's a cruel cruel world, I tell you.

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Cyndi said...

Good luck with all your school stuff. Somehow everything will get done - it always does!

Also - I love the Zephyr you're using for Butterfly... can't wait to see how it goes for you. Such a gorgeous color!